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Next meeting

Monday, 1st April 2019 - The Beehive Inn - Venue from 18:00 - Talks from 19:00

"It might get loud! Exfiltrating data using audio interfaces" by Miguel Marques (@z0mbi3)

Data exfiltrating is often the final and most important phases of an attack as this is when the target data is actively stolen and transmitted across network boundaries. However, on restricted and isolated environments, this stage becomes more challenging as avenues for data to be transferred are drastically reduced, and it is quite common for removable storage devices to be disabled. How about using devices that are usually permitted such as sound cards to exfiltrate the data? Turning files into analogue signals is not a novel idea, modems did this many years ago... but how about using a USB soundcard to transfer files from a computer to another device? When classical methods fail, jazz it up and rock it out! (This can involve very low or high frequency sounds).

It is rumoured that the great Kevin Mitnick will be making an appearance! #weneverknow